What is the purpose of NAIS?
The Centre for Numerical Analysis and Intelligent Software (NAIS) helps to bridge the gap between numerical analysts, computer scientists and HPC software developers.  NAIS investigatesthe algorithms and software methodology underpinning high performance computing. NAIS is funded by EPSRC and SFC.

Who is involved in NAIS?
NAIS is a partnership of the Schools of Mathematics and Informatics and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh, and the Departments of Mathematics at Heriot-Watt and Strathclyde Universities.  In addition, NAIS includes collaborations with researchers in the sciences and engineering at the three universities, and a network of collaborations with other institutions including, the University of Cambridge, the University of Warwick, and Wales Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science.  This network gives NAIS access to a wide range of capabilities/facilities (e.g. EPCC Exascale Technology Centre).

What does NAIS do?  Research.

Examples of  NAIS research activities include:

  1. Developing a new paradigm for high performance computing and apply this to a range of state of the art numerical application areas
  2. Supporting an Efficient yet Programmable Memory Model for Multiprocessors
  3. Numerical methods for large scale flow problems
  4. Fast and accurate solutions of large scale electromagnetic problems
  5. Optimized Schwarz Methods and Massively Parallel Domain Decomposition Solvers
  6. High Performance Computing (HPC) Research/Capability Network

In addition to the research, NAIS operates substantial training, visitor and workshop programmes in relevant areas of numerical analysis, computer science and HPC software development.   NAIS activities are open to UK scientists, including those based in Industry. Examples of previous NAIS events are provided on the events page.

Events planned for 2012 include:

  • GPU training course (January)
  • Portable skeleton based programming and optimisation meeting (April/May)
  • Molecular Dynamics Workshop, including tutorials (30 April - 4May)
  • Complexity and other Optimisation Techniques (May)
  • Monthly Talks at the NAIS FORUM
  • Visitor Seminars

Visitor Programme
NAIS operates a visitor programme, whereby NAIS academics have the opportunity to host a visitor at their home institution for a specified period to undertake collaborative research.  The visitor will typically provide a talk on their area of expertise to the NAIS community.  For further information on the NAIS visitor programme, please contact us.

How is NAIS relevant?
Specific applications areas being investigated in NAIS, include:

  • Compressible aerodynamics
  • Numerical analysis  on the cloud
  • Climate forecasting
  • Electromagnetic Scattering from targets (microscopic to macroscopic)
  • Compressed Sensing
  • New architectures for the HPC domain
  • Effective utilisation of complex future hardware through auto-tuning and advanced algorithm development

Additionally, the training offered by NAIS will provide a supply of scientists with advanced HPC skills to UK academia and Industry.

Where can I find out more about NAIS?
Please contact us directly for more details info@nais.org.uk