To complement the HPC hardware that NAIS already has access to (including a large time allocation on HECToR, the UK national HPC service; and NVidia Tesla GPGPUs) and enable NAIS researchers to evaluate and develop on the latest HPC equipment, NAIS has recently purchased a number of NVidia K20 GPGPUs (General-Purpose Graphical Processing Units).

EPCC is busy installing two compute nodes, each with four K20 GPGPUs, two 8-core Intel processors, and 128 GB of memory.  Each node has a theoretical peak performance of around 4.3 TFlop/s (that is 10^12 double precision floating point operations), with over 7000 compute cores available per node.  The nodes are being installed within EPCCs hydra facility, providing access to not only the hardware, but also a range of software (such as OpenACC and CUDA compilers, mathematics libraries, and tools to help develop and optimise codes on this hardware), and a large amount of data storage.

These compute resources and available to NAIS members and the wider community for development and simulation, anyone interested in accessing them should e-mail for further details.