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Eleni Moraki

Eleni Moraki

People Details

Student, Year 4 in Heriot-Watt UNIVERSITY
F.03 CMB, Riccarton Campus

Research interests: Mathematical biology

Eleni completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Patras in Greece. Her focus was largely on pure maths including algebra, topology, differential geometry and theory of complex numbers. She also enjoyed applied maths including operational research, game theory and fluid dynamics. She was a maths teacher in Greece before moving on to study an MSc in Applied Mathematical Sciences with Biological and Ecological Modelling at Heriot-Watt University. As a first year MIGSAA student, her extended project was about mathematical models for cell-cell adhesion (both individual-based and continuum models). She is currently working on mathematical models (deterministic and stochastic) for corneal epithelium maintenance.  She is interested in working with MIGSAA’s industrial partners especially if there are opportunities in the fields of medical research or education. Eleni enjoys Scrabble (in Greek), theatre and cinema.