Friday, June 25, 2010


NAIS2010: New Algorithms for the Evolving HPC Platform


NAIS is the Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software Centre, funded by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. This is the website for the 2010 NAIS Annual Meeting. The theme of the 2010 meeting is "new algorithms for the evolving HPC platform". The meeting this year is as broad as NAIS itself and includes numerical methods, paradigms for parallel computing algorithm development, and ideas for languages and HPC compilers. 

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee for this meeting is the steering committee of the NAIS Centre:

Mark Ainsworth

Strathclyde University

Murray Cole

University of Edinburgh

Dugald Duncan

Heriot Watt University

Ben Leimkuhler

University of Edinburgh

Arthur Trew

University of Edinburgh


Parallel computing is now an indispensable part of the infrastructure of science. While computing technologies continually develop at a frantic pace, scientific software development moves much slower and many current stalwart software packages perform poorly in an environment that features GPUs, multicore processors, and advanced distributed connection networks, particular as the properties of the different components may change from year to year. New paradigms are needed to allow for flexible adaptation of software to architectural advances. NAIS unites the broadest possible coalition of scientists, mathematicians, informaticians, and HPC experts to develop new ways of mapping applications challenges to HPC implementations using better mathematical formulations, and techniques such as machine learning compilers to facilitate novel algorithm design. The first NAIS annual meeting is an opportunity to explore exciting new approaches in HPC algorithms, software design, and compilation strategies and, at the same time, to reflect upon and to refine the NAIS mission.