24.04.2014 to 25.04.2014

New Trends in Computational Finance and Related Topics

Venue: ICMS, Edinburgh

The main purpose of the meeting is to gather experts from several communities (Numerical Analysis, Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Finance, High Performance Computing) in an informal environment in order to provide a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas, presentations and dissemination of new results.


Napier 400 - Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software Symposium

Venue: ICMS, Edinburgh

A 1-day symposium is planned as part of the Napier 400th Anniversary Celebarations. The aim of this NAIS one-day scientific symposium is to have presentations by and discussions with international experts on a broad range of topics of current interest in numerical analysis and scientific computing, that might also be interpreted as continuing the spirit of Napier's work of devising efficient algorithms and associated computing devices.

03.03.2014 to 04.03.2014

Computational and Theoretical Challenges in Game Theory

Venue: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

This 2-day workshop will bring together experts in high performance computing and algorithm development for games, and experts in theoretical game modelling. The aim is to foster the research in resolving computational challenges in game theory by exchanging knowledge between theoretical and computation game theorist and practitioners.


A meccano set for two dimensional waves

Venue: CM.S01, Heriot-Watt University

Francisco-Javier Sayas

University of Delaware

23.01.2014 to 24.01.2014

British Computational PDEs Colloquium: New Trends

Venue: ICMS, Edinburgh

A meeting of UK-based Numerical Analysts is planned.